The lucky winner is… // Andong Zzimdak // Bread Street Kitchen

This is the first time I'm doing a giveaway via a social media platform.

I must say it's damn fun. Maybe I'll consider doing more giveaways in future if you guys are interested.

I don't mind spreading the love and help clear my space at the same time. 😁

For those who have took part in this giveaway, thanks to supporting. Hope you won't be disappointed if you didn't win ok?

Sorry the delay..

Brought the mum out for lunch followed by marketing so didn't have time to announce the winner.

Paiseh for the suspense. πŸ˜†

Announcement of the lucky winner of the Movie Tickets giveaway

Here's the winner!! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

Congrats babe!! Will be contacting you soon.

Hope the rest won't be too disappointed ok! 😊

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!! 😘

Just to share that I've found one of the best wings. This is from Bangkok Jam.

Even my mum who rarely appreciate meat agreed with me.

The super high expectation hubs also gave a πŸ‘πŸ»!

This is pretty good enough for me when we can't be in BKK.

Man, really miss BKK, Chatuchak and Greyhound Cafe.

Their green curry chicken is pretty πŸ‘πŸ» too!

Since we are now in the topic of food, let me just share some of the yummy stuff I had recently.. 😁

Andong Zzimdak

Went to give Andong Zzimdak a try.

Glad that the boss of Yoogane SG brought them in to SG! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

It was such a pity we didn't get to try it during my recent trip to Seoul even though we have walked past the restaurant umpteen times haha.. Blame it on too many food choices there πŸ˜…

Limited side dishes, unlike those from the typical Korean restaurants..

Still free flow though, only for the side dishes, not the drinks lah πŸ˜… unless if you are talking about iced water.

Just like the side dishes, their menu is pretty limited too.

Only 4 types of jjimdak. All comes in two sizes (small for 2 pax and large for 3-4 pax).

Basically the first three types of Jjimdak are of the same base sauce.

You can opt for the last Jjimdak – The mayak version if you have spicier taste buds.

With me and my sis around, the only option for us was the seafood version. πŸ˜†

The portion is pretty big. Would have been better if we could have the real seafood deal.

There were simply too many chicken.

Guess it won't be a jjimdak if there's no chicken.

The sweet potatoes noodles has got to be the star of the dish.

It's so good that we have to order a top-up. And again it's wiped up within minutes.

This dish is also good to pair with rice.

Their mini seafood pancake (probably the smallest seafood pajeon I've seen to-date) is delectable too!

Thanks @tiggerte for arranging the lunch and Adam for the treat! πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

Bread Street Kitchen

Oh ya, one of the gf suggested to give this a try.

We were told that reservation is already full when the gf called to make a reservation the day before we went.

The staff advised us to queue as walk-ins.

We were there around 6 plus. We were told to queue for the counter table.

Waited for around 20 minutes and one Ang Moh guy asked if we mind to take the alfresco table.

Thank you for the offer and thankful tha the weather was rather cooling on a Friday night. 😊

Yummy bread to fill our tummy while waiting for our food.

The bread stick is the yummiest among all.

Gotta say the food took quite a while to prepare.

We ordered two appetizers and a main to share.

Always thought reputable western restaurants are very particular on the sequence of serving the dishes.

Surprisingly, our fish and chips were served almost together with another appetizer.

Another surprise point was the fish and chips were served without the chips.

We had to highlight to the staff and they were equally surprised.

Gotta applaud the fish & chips though, probably one of the best I've had in Sg.

The blue swimmer crab tagliolini was pretty good.

It's quite a big portion for an appetizer.

The dish which we were looking forward to – Seared scallops.

Guess what, they missed this out. They realized it before we said anything.

No wonder it took so long. The Ang Moh guy came to apologize and offered to take this off the bill.

This meal would have been a πŸ‘ŽπŸ» if not for that guy's proactiveness in service recovery.

Ordered this chocolate fondant all because the menu said the filling is salted caramel.

You know, I always have a weakness for that. πŸ˜‹

Can't taste the salted caramel at all. πŸ˜‘

It fared well as a normal chocolate fondant as its crispy on the outside and the filling oozed out.

And the mint choc chip ice cream certainly served its purpose of adding that extra kick to the dish. Complement better than the usual vanilla ice cream.

This cost $20 btw. A bit too overpriced I feel. All because the boss is a celebrity chef who has many Michelin-starred restaurants under his belt.