Pedi Pedi // Friends for Life

Pretty shades of grey..

Caught in a dilemma again..

The classic reds and pinks no longer can catch my attention. Are these signs of getting old? πŸ˜†

Wonder why I have these white patches on my nails? 😣

Have to get this to improve the condition of my nails.

Oh I'm dressed in grey today too. 😁

My final choice.. 😊

What a cute name it has 😁


Only recalled that I'm going for Jap food tonight for my friend's birthday after I've bought this, should have bought something else πŸ˜†

Rocket tent, got one for my twins nephews to play.

Can't wait for them to come from Penang tomorrow.

Hope this can last their wreckage power. πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

All thanks to @whitechoco's recommendation, decided to give this a try.

Hope it'll work well for me. 😁

And this also marked my first purchase from Qoo10.

Just back from my friend's birthday dinner!!

Was really a good catch up with these bunch of friends.

They are my colleagues turned friends.

Time flies, it's been 15 years since we have known each other. We got to know each other through our company overseas event during our first year of work.

We just kinda immediately clicked. And we are a bunch of loyal folks, still with the same company after these years. πŸ˜†

With the birthday gal, fate really brought us together.

We actually joined the company on the same day together with my sis.

Took loads of photos before while we were waiting for the food..

This guy used to be my boss, believe it or not.

He's someone whom I can always confide to and he will always show his support and give me his advices.

He was also my main coordinator at my wedding dinner. πŸ˜†

He was there to make sure everything was rolled out smoothly..

They are always around during important moments of my life and I really treasure that.

A lot of people thought that I'm a very sociable person.

#thethruthis I'm a very reserved person, it really takes a lot for me to warm up before I can open up to someone.

My hubs took one year of messaging me before I agreed to go out on a date with him lol πŸ˜†

Nonetheless, I also glad that I've found some really nice frens thru social media platform. 😊

Btw, the handsome guy on the left (he always claimed he's the most handsome guy in our company) was my emcee on my wedding night.

And we were his ε…„εΌŸ gang on his wedding day. πŸ˜†

Yup, that's my once in a lifetime experience for being a ε…„εΌŸ.

Glad to know the wife much better after his wedding. 😊 @tiggerte

The lady in specs was my first branch manager and she also joined our gang after our first company overseas event together. πŸ˜†

We have seen her daughter (beside me) from being a small little gal and now a young working adult.

I'm still the youngest in this group lah, of cos excluding the daughter hahaha

Happy birthday dear fren!

Today's #ootd

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