An Un Un Un.. Unbelievable Day

Was driving and about to turn into my mum's block..

Then I saw an elderly couple at the zebra crossing in front of my car, running across and looking for shelter as it was pouring heavily.

The wife went to hide underneath a skimpy tree while the husband "hid" at a road signage.

I wanted to stop my car but couldn't as a car was just right behind me.

Questions started to flow as I was parking my car at my mum's place. Should I or should I not?

But helping them means I will get myself wet. Hmmm…

I was worried about them.

What will happened if they are strike by lightning?

So, without proscrastinating any further, I parked my car. Grabbed two umbrellas from my car and then straight ahead I walked out to look for them.

They were still there, looking helpless.

I wanted to pass one of my umbrella to the husband, he signaled me to pass to the wife instead. She immediately "prayed" to me like I'm a god 😁.

Seeing the smiles on both of their faces certainly made my day.

It certainly felt great doing a good deed without asking for any return.

Though I've given away an umbrella that I really liked, I didn't feel losing anything at all.

Met a lady when I was at the lift lobby waiting for the lift. She turned around and told me that I was very kind to do that.

I didn't catch that immediately as I wasn't expecting anyone to speak to me. I came to realise that she witnessed the whole episode. 😁

Hopped on down to #TCL earlier today to try on this upcoming scallop hem drop waist dress.

Been looking for a forest green dress and was so happy when I saw @gelatologist and Bert donning this on their dayre. @bertillawong

Totally fit the bill.

So happy to grab the last piece in my size 😁


Close up on the scallops hem…

Think this was from the previous few launches?

Not sure why I missed it, love the intricate lace patterns.

Tried on the neoprene vest as well since it has my size.

The nude/blush one seems to be a more popular one, small sizes have run out for that colour.

Managed to steal a moment with the friendly @bertillawong too πŸ˜‰πŸ‘‹πŸ»

At Mr Unbelievable Gala Premiere.

With one of the movie cast, 黎沸ζŒ₯θ€εΈˆ before the fan meet session.

A cute side of him.

The movie gonna start liow.

More update later πŸ˜‰

It's such a funny show!!

Kudos to the director, Ong Kuo Sin and his casts and crew for creating lots of laughters.

Lots of local flavour and nolstagic feel.

It also inculcate about believing in yourself and don't give up your dreams.

πŸ“· by @shopaholicdeb

Poor gal, she was so excited about the movie. @chloeyingen

She had to take a rain check just right before the movie started as her fever surfaced again.

Bumped into Yidali and Alamak Hui Ge before the show.

@chloeyingen's onscreen parents..

Unbelievable.. My mum was the tallest of all 😁 @shopaholicdeb

And we bumped into the whole casts of the movie before they proceeded down to the stage to meet the audience.

πŸ“· by @shopaholicdeb

It was a star studded night.

Met up with Wee Soon Hui from The Tanglin.

With Hayley Woo Jiayi who was in the movie as Omega who's a superstar wannabe. @hayleystitch

And I even bumped into Hayley's twin, Jayley Woo Jiaqi when I went to the restroom. πŸ˜‰ @jayleywoojiaqi

She's so friendly, a pity we didn't get to take a pic together with our fellow twin. πŸ˜‰

My face damn big next to Jayley. πŸ˜”

Check out this really Unbelievable floral arrangement.

Have you ever seen one with broccoli and cable cars?

Bet you are stunned like a vegetable now. πŸ˜†