Damn sian.

Haven't been at the best of my health lately.

First hit by damn high fever followed by HFMD in early Nov.

My sleep was painfully disturbed by a really bad sore throat yesterday midnight. Popped in a lozenges to suck through the night.

The lozenges didn't work at all so no choice got to go see a doc. I hate the clinic btw, it's full of germs. Do make sure you sanitize your hands after each visit.

Thought it's just normal throat inflammation, the doc would probably just prescribed me some anti-inflammation med or something.

The doc said this is more serious then I thought.

It's Tonsillitis and he could see pus at my tonsil. 😳

No wonder the pain is so unbearable 😭 I didn't know I was having fever too.

So now I'm on 5 days of anti-biotics and need to go back for a review after that. May need another 10 days of anti-biotics if the first course is not effective.

Managed to catch a few secs of flashback of my niece acting as 小菲儿 in tonight's debut of The Dream Makers 2.

Was so excited so I quickly snapchat. 😆

Thanks to everyone who are so kind to leave your well wishes to me!

I've read every messages and really felt very touched by all your thoughts and love.

Dayre is indeed a lovely community.

Thanks all again! 😘😘