It's kinda apparent the craze is still not over yet.

Same for @nite_stars as I noticed she has the same whatsapp wallpaper as me. She even has it on her shoes. 😆 Ok gal, you win.


Not a good idea to wear this pair out during this time of the year.

All thanks to the wet weather lately.

Thankfully, was not caught in the rain. 😅

My poor niece.. She has lost so much weight after being sick for the whole week.

This pic was taken when she was much better yesterday.

Seems that there are some bugs going around. Firstly it was my nephew, then my niece then it's me.

Take care everyone. Especially now when the weather is going erratic.

One moment it's super hot, another moment it's heavily pouring again. 😓

Happy to dine out yesterday.

But I seemed to have forgotten that I'm yet to fully recover. 😅

Look at all those grilled and fried stuff. Call that 以毒攻毒 😆

Spammed on my honey lemon drink when I was home.

Very happy that I finally had my craving fixed.

Super early dinner at 5 plus so no queue yay.

One of my must order has got to be their sambal 大头. It's always super fresh and so the 大头are really fat and juicy.

Their prawn paste wings are awesome too.

Wanted to skip this but the hubs can't finish this all by himself so.. Food wastage is 🙅🏻🙅🏻.

Though I love my Korean and Jap food, these are my kind of comfort food. 😉

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