Collection of HK Run Pack // Hermes Leather Forever Exhibition

TGIF everybody!!

Enjoying my favourite pineapple tarts from Taipei. This award winning brand is probably the best I've tried to-date.

Thanks @tiggerte! 😘😘

I don't really know how to appreciate the local pineapple tarts, those that we eat during CNY. Only enjoyed these. πŸ˜‹

Early in town for my run pack collection. Reached here 30mins before the collection starts.

Managed to make it to the 6th person in the queue all thanks to the hubs' advice. 😁

The queue was damn long when he went to collect my pack last year while I was away holidaying.


The crew getting ready to fight the war later πŸ˜†

There are merchandise available too!

@whitechoco when are you coming?

Should have helped you to collect. 😁

Glad they actually started the ball rolling before the collection timing starts.

Here's the shoebag.

For those who are coming to collecting your run pack, do bring along a carrier as the shoe pack is already full. Especially if you have bought extra merchandise. πŸ˜‰

The towel is not available yet. 😣

They issued these vouchers for collection of the towels during on the day itself.

Why like that?

Very worried that I'll lose them lor. Think I'll pass to my hubs to keep for me. πŸ˜…

@mintyvintage here's our socks and shopping tote. Nice hor 😍

That's how the shopping tote looks like. πŸ˜‰

I like this clothes rack!! 😁

No queue at all.. 😁

Merchandise that are available here.

Everything is available except the towel.

Lunch date with the sis.

Another impromptu meet up 😁

First time trying Hoshino Coffee..

The queue is always so long. Is their food really that good?

Love little gestures like this.. Very thoughtful.

One main for sharing..

This lobster bisque spaghetti is indeed better than Miam Miam's.

The shrimp, avocado and egg toast is pretty yum too!

And for sweets, we opted for the X'mas edition – X'mas SoufflΓ© Pancake.

We were told that this requires 20mins to prepare.

We asked for this to be served together with our mains, we only got it after a 40mins wait.

Generally, the food took quite long to prepare. 😏

Unveiling the Hello Kitty Run Pack

So many stuff in the shoe bag, no wonder it's so heavy πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

There's food & beverages..

Mostly catered for ladies 😁

Not sure what's this, probably for some spa session? 😊

@farahdean the socks quality is pretty awesome! πŸ˜‰

HK donning a Santa hat and a winter scarf. 😍😍

This year's race T. Last year's T is so much nicer leh.

Additional T which I've ordered. It's of cotton and spandex mix. πŸ˜‰

Hermes : Leather Forever Exhibition

This was actually my second visit to this exhibition.

First came here on a Friday evening, as Fri is the only day they have extended hours till 9pm.

We reached at 8.10pm and was told that last entry was at 8pm.πŸ˜…

What a boo boo. Their publications/posters should have highlighted the last entry timing.


The exhibition will be held till this coming Sunday 13 Dec.

It's open from 10am to 7pm, last entry at 6pm.

We were first greeted by this big one at the entrance. πŸ˜‰πŸ‘‹πŸ»

Followed by these orange boxes 🍊🍊🍊😍😍

Room 1 & 2 – Savoir-Faire

It's all about the relationship between leather and Hermes.

It's really fascinating looking through all these exhibits, the history behind it, the beauty of it.

Gorgeous crocs 😍😍

The backdrop is probably a pic taken at the Hermes HQ..

A haute couture croc piece..

Such a rare opportunity which we get to feel the different textures…

Each masterpiece is sewn with a single, waxed linen thread and saddle stitch.

Wish these are mine 😍😍

The L26 is such a cutie. 😍😍

The Cool – Blue / Green

The warm – Red / Orange

For the gents..

Room 4 – The Horse, The First Client

The Hermes affair – it all started with the horse and for the horse, some 178 years ago.

This bags is the oldest, and the closest to Hermes' saddler origins.

It allowed the rider, jockey or polo player to transport their saddle, boots, bridle, whips, silks and riding hat.

Room 5 – The Spirit of the Nomad

Trunks and bags are an invitation to travel.

Spot the trunk who could serve as a desk, bathroom and dressing room.

Two GM rodeos.. Can't remember which room these were at liow 😁


The rodeos actually moved! πŸ˜†

Room 6 – Discretion And Simplicity

Lindy 2006, the year when the first Lindy was born.

Room 9 – Variations On Kelly And Birkin

Two bags. Two legends.

Kelly bag, created in the 1930s. It first rose to fame in 1956 when Grace Kelly held the bag up like a shield to protect her daughter (future Princess Caroline of Monaco) from the paparazzi.

The photo was shown on the cover of LIFE. The bag has since found itself a name!! How interesting!

Another exhibit which I saw just next to the Ks and Bs.

Room 10 – When Dreams Become Reality

Rocking Kelly Horse 2000

The miniature collection.. Aren't these cute!!😍😍

Room 11 – The Patina of Time

This Kelly Retourné is such a beauty. 😍😍

Room 12 – Star Bags

Kellydolls on a swing..

Hermes has created five unique Kellydoll in honour of Singapore, one per decade to celebrate the Country's half century of independence.

Just back from a X'mas dinner with my in-laws.

Probably the worst buffet I've been to. Very pathetic variety.

$58++, totally not worth the price lor.

My hubs has officially banned that place haha

Most of the people just went there to whack their fresh oysters.

Guess that's how they got back their value haha..

Both my hubs and me lugi lah as both of us don't take fresh oysters. πŸ˜†

Today's deets

In TCL Mirabelle Symmetrical Printed Dress.

A great fuss free dress and app for buffet days. 😁

#ootd #theclosetlover

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