My TCL Leona skirt is here!

Mr Ninja came knocking on my door early in the morning!

Yay, my Leona skirt is here!

Pardon my messy hair please. Just out from shower then. πŸ˜†

Size S fits well with some allowance at the waist.

So not used seeing myself in a midi skirt. πŸ˜…

Makes me look short don't you think? 😁

Gotta pair it with heels definitely.

#tclreview #TCL #theclosetlover

Damn sian.. Started to feel some soreness at my throat after dinner last night.

Checked on my tonsil before hitting the bed last night and I spotted some white spots at my right tonsil.

The right side was ok during the recent attack.

As expected, fever was triggered during midnight so popped some paracetamol.

Went to the clinic alone while the hubs prepares to go to work. Was feeling pretty ok except for the soreness.

Doc was kinda surprised that I'm back to see him so soon.

Doc said situation is not looking good.

Gotta refer me to an ENT specialist and likely I have to go through some procedures.

Having three recurrence within a month is really too much. Originally, the doc actually advised me to monitor and to be referred to a specialist if there are four recurrences within a year.

Feeling damn sian. Not a happy closure to Year 2015 definitely. πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

On a happier note, I'm happy to receive my new sofa today. The shipment was supposed to only arrived in mid-Jan 16.

Picket & Rail is quite a screw up though.

Firstly they said they are not aware that they are disposing my old sofa while we had paid $150 for that.

Then, after they fixed my sofa, I asked them where's my ottoman?

Again the item was clearly stated in their delivery order.

Knowing that it's not those guys fault, I called the SA.

After checking, the SA called to apologize that the supplier forgot to put the ottoman in the container.

Ya, right… Blamed the supplier. Damn smart.

Doesn't Picket & Rail has the duty to check the items on my DO before calling to arrange the delivery? 😀😀

Sweet moment of the day

As I was digging my money preparing to foot my medical bill, a man kept trying to "cut queue" and wanted to pass some cash to the nurse.

I was very puzzled and angry at the same time thinking why this fella so ungracious one.

I looked up at that man, oh.. It happened to be my hubs in his business shirt.

So he actually came to send me home.

Feeling damn stupid and blur from this episode. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Food for the sick πŸ˜”

The hubs bought back for me during his lunch break and eat together with me.

Other than Teochew porridge, I only eat porridge when I'm sick.

There's also better choice of food so why should I eat porridge right haha.πŸ˜…

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