Paddy Hills // Cinderella Musical // Godsons’ Birthday

Always looking forward to brunches with my family.

You see.. My hubs is not really a brunch person.

Not just because brunch hour is over by the time he wakes up, his tastebuds are more tilted to local fare. πŸ˜†

So whenever I have the chance to stay over at my mum's place, we'll try to arrange a brunch outing. 😁

Brunch @ Paddy Hills

Probably wouldn't have thought of traveling so far to the west for brunch if we didn't arrange to meet a buyer in that vicinity prior to our brunch.

Anyway, was really glad to check this cafe off my wish list.

Back here again since two years ago.. Same corne but different vibes totally.

Certainly look much more spacious now than before.. It was around 80% occupied when we arrived, glad to know that we didn't have to queue.

Daytime Eats…

Bet they have a Nighttime Eats after 5pm? I didn't ask, just my guess.. 😁

Hey that's the Barista who did our Flat White..

I was just merely asking the staff if their Flat White or their Latte is more "photogenic"..

That staff got the cue and took the initiative to request him to give different looks for our order.

Woah, impressive much. We certainly need more of such service oriented people in the service industry.

This came first..

I like it that they served it immediately instead of waiting for the whole order to be complete.

It actually gave us the kick, anticipating what's coming up next.

Talking about the design, this is pretty much minimally what I would expect of a White.

The three of us can't help laughing when we saw the second design. Can't figure what was that really. Look like an old crinkly man I said. πŸ˜†

Mum doesn't really mind about the design so we gave that to her. 😁

Just as the saying goes "Save the best for last".

Glad I waited for the last and gotten the cutest haha..


Can anyone appreciate the second design btw? Let me know what you see, would really love to know 😁

Mentaiko Ebi with Yuzu Sauce..

Oh Tempura, how I miss you.

Looks really yummy hor 😳

My Truffle Vongole..

It looks pretty bland but it was in fact very good. Strong truffle taste, totally on point.

And look at the clams, so fat and juicy. πŸ˜‹πŸ‘πŸ»

Ordered this for the mum, Berry Picotta pancake.

Too big a portion to be consumed by one, the sides of the pancake is really πŸ‘πŸ», so crispy.

Mum said all the fruits were very sour though πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

Pink Pasta for @shopaholicdeb.

It's actually mentaiko pasta. Prefer my vongole, five and dime still serve the best mentaiko pasta. 😁

Oops what happened to my teddy?

Kimchi Fried Rice to go for the niece..

Verdict for this was commendable. The beef was a bit tough though, probably better to eat there while it's still popping hot.

Oh ya, we were in Star Wars theme again πŸ˜†

My Star Wars #ootd πŸ˜†

πŸ“·: @shopaholicdeb

Enjoying her kimchi fried rice while we were heading to RWS..

First time watching a show here..

We are here for the Cinderella musical πŸ˜‰

Not a typical musical definitely..

They have injected quite a bit of humour which really caught us by surprise..

Pop songs sang by the prince and Cinderella, casts coming off stage to engage with the audience..

It was a fun and magical session though.

Luckily my hubs said he's not interested though, he'll probably be snoozing away if he was here πŸ˜†

My godsons 4th birthday

Mookata and steamboat session for our friends place for dinner..


Celebrating our godsons' 4th birthday..

Happy 4th birthday to Kiden and Khayden.

You can easily spot the cheekier one..

What's with that arm? Is that how Iron Man uses his power?


Got Didi Khayden a Star Wars gun cos he prefers gun..

Gor Gor Kiden prefers Iron Man..

Spot the mini lego iron man on his hand.

Ice cream cake is such a challenge..

Very hard to gauge the readiness..

Had to resort to using a chopper knife to cut the cake πŸ˜…

My very own Storm Trooper πŸ˜†πŸ˜πŸ˜†

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