Window shopping is just as therapeutic 😉

Window shopping time while my hubs is cutting your hair away.

It's still better than cooping up at home. My mum who's a super 大宅女would probably beg to differ. 😆

In monochrome again..

Tried on this colour block top.. Very comfy..

Love the side hem details..

Very similar to the YHF top that @gilliansng was wearing except that the latter has more of an edgy cut. 😍

Interesting details at the waist..

Good for tightening for a better fit at the waist..

The front view..

Omg.. Even M is so fitting on me 😅

And the length..

So short even for a shortie like me 😅

Look familiar?

Same lace as TCL Leona set.

Saw the same dress at Dressabelle and The Editors Market previously.

This is selling at $34.90, cheaper I think.

Tried the M and it was too loose on me. This is S.

Dinner.. Ya it's steamboat again.

I've already ran out of idea of what to eat other than porridge. 😓