Heard so much raves about this mask which targeted at blackheads.

Air-flown from Taipei all thanks to my cousin. Can't wait to try this!

So looking forward to spending more time with them in Penang during CNY.

#throwback pics of my twins nephews was in my FB feed.. Thought I'll share it here. 😊

Super miss the days when they were so chubby. These were taken when they were around 8 months old.

This explains my specialist's reaction when he checked on my throat just now.

Ya, apparently the condition was damn bad.

No wonder I'm feeling like having a blade down my throat, so freaky painful even I swallow my own saliva.

Another symptom is the inflammation was so bad that I could feel my tongue getting a little shorter. Now I speak like a short-tongue. 😩 I hope it will improve when the inflammation is gone.

Did another detailed scan, the scope was done through my nose, the feeling of having a long pipe poking though your nostrils is damn weird I tell you. 😳

Luckily my nose was clear, no inflammation.

As expected, doc suggested me to go for a surgery since I never seem to recover at all.

Will complete another 10 days course of anti-biotics (my 6th course) then see how. Likely will opt for surgery after CNY.

This CNY gonna be a miserable one as there's so many food I have to avoid. 😩