No update for the weekend as I've been hit by the fever monster again.

Fever again cos due to my inflamed tonsils.

Currently trying out TCM as an alternate option as another visit back to the specialist likely will mean another course of anti-biotics (I've taken 5 course already) or surgery.

As much as I wanted to resolve this asap, I'm trying to defer the surgery option, well at least after CNY.

The TCM prescription was supposed to remove the heatyness in my body. But it doesn't seem to help my fever subside. Guess it takes some time to regulate?

Had to take paracetamol every four hours but the temperature still hovers above 37°.

No choice…Gotta put TCM on hold first while I visit my specialist again tomorrow. 😔

Took this pic this morning as I wanted to see the right side of my neck, seems abit swollen. Ya, there's a bum.

Spoken to my TCM physician this morning, she said likely my lymph nodes could be swollen as well.

Let's see what the specialist has to say tomorrow.

On a side note.. Yikes, hates the moles on my face. The latest addition is the one on my lip. 😩

Was so sad when this reversible dress was sold out within the first 15 mins even though I've camped for the launch.

Was told the size which I've selected was sold out upon carting out. 😩

Am glad that to cart out the navy piece which was my second favourite.

Went to collect it during lunch today and I'm very happy with the quality of the dress. 😍

The reverse side of the dress, can foresee lots of mileage on this. 👍🏻

#tsw #tswreview #thestagewalk

Headed to the airport to pick my cousin -in-law who's staying over a night before heading to Penang tomorrow.

Changi Airport is all dressed up with cheeky monkeys and peaches. 😁

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