Crazy weather // #taobaoloots

Good day, it's a brand new week!!

The weather is really horrendous today, one moment the sun is so glaring, the next moment, it's pouring like nobody's business. πŸ˜…

Who knows, one day it may even snow in Sg. πŸ˜†

Cooked porridge for lunch today.

Finally it didn't get burnt. πŸ˜…

Would prefer it to be softer though.

Productive Monday..

βœ… Dropped six bags of stuffs to Salvation Army.

βœ… Dropped another six bags of clothings to Refash

One word to describe my feeling, Shiok!! πŸ˜‚

Today is just not my day lor..

First caught in the rain when I reached 65daigou..

Had to dash back to my car to pick up my umbrella.

Dashed back to the building then suddenly felt something snapped on my foot.

Had to drag my foot as I dashed towards the building.. πŸ˜…

Bye bye my fave black jelly shoes πŸ‘‹πŸ» #ferragamo

Welcome home loots.

Seriously I don't know what I've carted out. πŸ˜†

These shall be my Ang Paos for this CNY, so cute these monkeys!

This is probably my favourite among the lots. Hope it doesn't cut my feet. 😁

Can't resist tassel 😍😍

Finally packed my luggage while waiting for the hubs to buy dinner back. 😊

Wah such a big bowl of frog legs..

Usually we will order 3 frogs to share among the two of us.

We have 5 frogs to ourselves today cos the stall was having a promotion, buy 3 gets 2 free. 😁

Good deal leh!

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