How cute are these little qipao kitchen towel! 😍😍

And it's only $3.80 each!

@twentietwosteps babe look what I got! 😁

Was hoping to get Stormtrooper..

Chances are 1/12..

#starwarscraze #starwars

Luck is not with me today..

Of all, I got the spaceship, no stormtrooper πŸ˜†

It's a pen topper btw!!

Went back to #TSW during lunch to exchange for another piece in my size.

The new piece was already packed when I was there. Thanks @jamie1612! 😘

This Heidi scallop tiered dress comes in Teal, Watermelon and Periwinkle Blue but I'm only drawn to this colour.

Been wanting to add this colour to my wardrobe and just nice this fits the bill and glad it fits well too!

Glad that the hip area is not bodycon which is a πŸ™…πŸ»πŸ™…πŸ» for me. 😁


Love the back detail of this dress too!

Also tried on #TCL Daralis Embroidery Blouse in Wine.

Simply adore the intricate embroidery details and I would have give it a miss if the sleeve length is long.

3/4 sleeves work well for my short arms 😁

Close up on the embroidery. #theclosetlover

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