Cont'd from Eve of CNYE

Me having fun with the props with the CNY deco. 😁

The whole setup was really awesome. It's like going back the memory lane during the ancient time.

Trying to do some Chinese calligraphy for CNY.

I've been wanting to learn this since young but never get the chance to do so. πŸ˜†

Reunited with my cuz and niece who were doing some shoes shopping.

Check out the nail art my cuz did for her daughter. So cute!!

I also went to do my nails in the afternoon.

My manicurist's rainbow hair is very distracting, I was very tempted to ask her how many colours did she dyed. πŸ˜†

Not exactly what I envisioned it to be, oh well never mind.

Since this is only normal polish, I can remove it once I get sick of it.

Decided to skip gelish this year as I wanna let my nails rest. 😁

Llao Llao is finally opened in Penang, Gurney Plaza.

As expected there was a queue but the queue is pretty manageable.

Definitely cheaper than SG.

But thinking of the living standards here, RM17.90 for a cup of yoghurt (Sanum) seems so unbelievable though it's still cheaper as compared to Sg's S$6.95.

I might as well go mac and eat my favourite pineapple pop, only RM2. πŸ˜†

Finally reunited with my twinnies nephews over dinner.

Just a short catchup though cos my bro suggested we go for a movie after dinner. 😁

Quite a funny show πŸ˜† Won't be as funny if watch it in mandarin version.

There are a lot of Sg cast in this movie, Hui Ge, Mark Lee, Patricia Mok and Jeremy Chan..

Fancy a big cup of Coke? 😁 @chloeyingen

It's actually a V-day combo.

That reminds me, V-day is just around the corner. Never prepare any gift for my hubs as usual. #badwife

The cinema staff actually forgot to switch off the light even when the movie started πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† definitely a first that we have encountered.

Anyway it's finally 陀倕!!

Gonna go get ready and head for some prayer session for the ancestors!

Enjoy your 陀倕 everyone!! 😘


Ready for the prayer session.. πŸ˜‰

陀倕 #ootd #cnyootd

Midnight movie with the family!

The aircon is so cold, luckily we brought along a jacket πŸ˜…