Night out at the Night Safari

In grey hues today..

On the way to pick my SIL to head to my MIL birthday dinner.

And we are off for an excursion after dinner.

To the Night Safari.. Argh I'm so not looking forward to it. Bats better don't fly near me tonight.

We're super late as usual 😅

DIY Poh Piah was what I've enjoyed the most.

Didn't know that Lao Beijing has this in their menu 😁

At the entrance.. Looks pretty empty. Looks is deceiving though, boy it was damn crowded inside.

A pic with my hubs' family at the entrance.

Think this was my third visit here, all I could remember is the scary bat encounter.

I got conned by my hubs to enter the flying bat area. 😤 I practically covered my ears all the way.

Wefie with my SIL while waiting for the Creatures of the Night Show.

Wanted to take a wefie wth those behind but they simply ignored us.