Wine ensemble for today.

Happy Thursday everyone! 😊

Just one more day to Friday!

So looking forward to my staycation this weekend. I need some excitement in my mundane life. πŸ˜…

#ootd #celine

Finally left my office.. Almost an hour late for my dinner πŸ˜…

Dinner already started as usual πŸ˜…

Got a sweet surprise delivery to the office today.

Really came as a surprise.

It's from colleagues from my ex-dept, to welcome me back to work. 😊

Glad to know someone cares.

Managed to shop a little bit at Kinokuniya after our dinner. Window shopping is good enough.

It's been a while since I last shop since I've resumed back to work.

No time to browse online too. Have missed so many launches.

This is probably the only item I've bought recently. Hope this cheery piece help to brighten up my current life a little bit.

Decided to get this to reward myself hee..

Fell in love with it ever since I've saw @mintyvintage donning this. Thanks for tempting me babe πŸ˜‚

Glad that my SA helped to reserve a piece for me. Thanks @surerain for being my concierge. 😁

#chanel #charmmyloveschanel

Twinning situation with my twin today. 😁

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