Saddle 23 Vs Dinky

Good morning everyone!!


It's been such a busy week, hardly had time to check into my Dayre. Only managed to snapchat when time permits πŸ˜…

Took the morning off today to bring my hubs to the eyes clinic.

He just went for LASIK treatment this wed.

These bag charms are so cute! 😍

Which one is nicer? 😁

On the left is the Saddle 23 and on the right is called Dinky.

#friyayoutfit #charmmybagsreview

Side by side.. Still indecisive.

We can opt for customization, hot stamping up to three characters. Either on the flap or on the tag 😊

The SA said Dinky suits me better cos cos of my frame..

Hmm.. Seems that Dinky is more popular. Thanks to those who have voted. 😁

Though I'm still pretty indecisive, my heart is probably more tilted towards the Saddle, same as @cherylchew 😊

Love the contrast of the camel and orange stitching. Interesting nice pop of colour.

This spring series is created in celebration of Coach 75th Anniversary.

The leather is made of glovetanned leather, basically the same leather used for baseball glove.

The Dinky comes with a little built in pouch compartment..

And there's a secret charm in the pouch which only the buyer gets to unveil.

Which one is your favorite?

Saddle 23 seems to be a better appeal for me cos of its spaciousness. Love its vintage vibes too.

If only it comes with a secret charm too.

Oh well.. Guess there's no best of both world. πŸ˜†

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