Collecting our fun run pack!

Who's going for this run too? 😁

The staff Tshirt is even nicer than the runners Tshirt. 😁

We got to choose our flag off time.

Chose the earlier timing to avoid warmer weather.

Our packs!

What's inside the pack..

The pack even included the iconic Snoopy nose hahaha

@shopaholicdeb trying on the upcoming dress at #theclosetlover

Pardon the extra arm, I was trying to hold the fitting room curtain. πŸ˜†

Managed to bag something back. 😁

Should I wear this during the run? πŸ˜‚

A rare pic with the hubs.

He had to go around in his shades while his eyes are in healing stage.

Anyway, he's super happy that he can finally buy shades after 40 years of his life haha. Woes of having shortsightedness.

He actually bought 5 pair of shades in last week alone. Siao one hahaπŸ˜…

Scored two more pairs today. πŸ˜…

So I tag along too.. Love this gunmetal piece 😍