妈妈,母亲节快乐 💐😘

妈妈,母亲节快乐 💐😘

Happy Mother's Day to the most beautiful woman who have selflessly gave us all her unconditional love all these years.

Here wishing all the mummies a fabulous Mother's Day with your loved ones. Enjoy your special day!


Thank you for always coming to my rescue whenever I need you.

It's beyond words on the amount of gratitude I have for you.

You are one super wonderwoman I must say.

What had happened a couple of months earlier made me realised that the love and care that mum has for her children doesn't lessen after you no longer stay together after marriage.

Wishing you a happy and healthy life. Stay positive and stay happy k!😘😘

Blooms for the mum and grandma. 💐

Purple theme for the mum and pink theme for the grandma.

Both unanimously said "浪费钱" when I passed them the blooms. 😆😆

I personally prefer the purple theme more. 😉👍🏻

Mum with her Mother's Day bloom. 💐

I always believe that flowers never fail to cheer a woman up.

Both looking very happy. 😘😘


With the two most important ladies in my life.. 😘

Plus the other two important ladies too 😆

I wonder why the man always have problem looking at the cam 😅

Mother's Day dim sum brunch!

Our first visit to this outlet.

All the yummy spread! 😋👍🏻

Their legendary signature cheong fun.

Unlike the normal fried dough cheong fun, this is even better, it comes with prawns and scallops.

Enough said, it's truly awesome. 😋👍🏻

Another popular dish of theirs, black truffle mushroom bun.

Full marks for presentation.

I actually prefer the mushroom bun by Peach Garden. More flavourful I think. 😁

The polka dots trio, planned by my niece 😆


Twinning outfit 😆

Just carted out more girlactik. 😁

Allure for me and Stellar for mum.

Current 📍

Guess where I am.

This is the third stop we had went.

Everywhere is so crowded cos of Mother's Day. 😅 Even places where there is hardly any queue.

Current favourite song at the moment.

It's been playing on my laptop for the last 2 hours.. 😆