Off for a family lunch with my in-laws..

Mini flap out for the day..

So cute these boxing gloves..

Guess what they are?

They are reserved sign hee.. So creative.

Cute signages at different stations too!

At the Chinese station..

As you probably can tell, whisks are everywhere.

The pasta station..

My first course… Went for Jap food instead of the cold stuff.

Even their washing bowl is so cute!

The laksa bowl is so much easier to hold compared to the usual bowl..

加料with some king crab meat 😋👍🏻

Next on to the grilled stuff.. 😋👍🏻

Their assam stingray is good!

Some hazelnut cake, @shopaholicdeb your favourite!

They even have a popcorn station!

Ice cream in a super compact bowl.

The bowl is kept refrigerated so that your ice cream won't get melted so soon.

They only had two flavours though, vanilla and yam.

My MIL had two servings of yam, she said it's super good.

Time for some sweet stuff..

A big cookie for us as we checked for bill. 😆

Just dropped by Chanel to adjust my watch strap.

The SA was very nice to show me one of their latest J12 – J12 in intense black.

It's so much nicer than their classic black J12, with the black numbers, giving it a more mysterious and subtle look.

The classic black J12..

And the highly sought after Boyfriend watch.

She showed me one which was reserved by another customer.

Looks pretty normal to me initially, however when I saw the watch itself, I became to take a liking to it.😍

Simple and classic. Definitely an evergreen piece.