Ninja Bowl like finally!

Impromptu lunch date with the sis!

So happy that we finally made it here! 😁

So crowded!

But glad we got our table in just less than 3 mins! Bet it's better to come here in smaller groups. Afterall the whole place is not too big. πŸ˜…

Marble ftw!!😍😍

Close up in our Yasai bowl. Opted for quinoa, think ninja rice would have been a better choice as quinoa is not as absorbent so it got a bit too moist.

Also ordered the Kansai Bowl, would have been perfect if they have onsen egg in the combi.

My hair is in such a mess, time to chop it off! πŸ˜…

Any recommendation for good Korean hairstylist?

My lunch date!

Thanks sis @shopaholicdeb for the lunch!

Just offloaded some stuff at Refash and now it's coffee time with the sis!! β˜•οΈ


Pretty crowded!

Lots of natural lighting. 😍

The last time I came, it was on a weekday, during my carefree day with my cafehopping kaki @surerain. Miss those days!

Flat White vs Piccolo Latte

Enjoying my piccolo latte. So sad weekend is officially over. 😩

Ghostbusters is back!!

I almost mistaken it as the Michelin icon. πŸ˜…πŸ˜†

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