Independence Day : Resurgence // Taobao Hauls

Thanks @shopaholicdeb for collecting my #taobao loots.

The new Raffles Place warehouse is so convenient for those working in the CBD. 😉👍🏻

Another super hot day!!

Update on my hauls later.. Now gotta rush off to catch my movie.

Donkey years since my last movie. Ya that's my married life, paktor time always go movie.

Nowadays he said buy DVD can liow. 😭

Time for a quick bite before our movie!

Independence Day 2!

Lost count on the number of times I've watched Independence Day! Favorite character is none other than the President, his speech is so heroic. 😍

My hubs is the suaku one who has never watch I.D. 😂 and Star Wars too.

Enjoying my hazelnut latte..

Trailer already started so no chance for my food pic liow 😅

Reviews for Independence Day 2 doesn't seem to be too good but I actually quite enjoyed it. 😍

Glad to see my hero, Bill Pullman the President back in this sequel, what's more he sacrificed to save the world.

As usual, my hubs said it's a stupid show and that I conned him to watch the movie. 😂

Taobao Hauls

Got this off shoulder stripey top, looks a bit big when I took out from the package.

Seems pretty ok after trying.

Tucked in look, probably works better with white bottom for a more nautical look. 😉

Need to tie the side first before wearing. 😅

How it looks on the model. 😉👍🏻

Here's the link for those who are keen. 👇🏻


Another off shoulder top.. Realised that the stuff that I bought this round are mainly in blue. 😅

The side view..

On the model.. Comes in two shades.

Here's the link for those interested!

【2016夏装韩版浅蓝色吊带露肩洗水牛仔短袖上衣T恤女荷叶边 短款潮】¥AAGYZyBK¥

Oops, off shoulder and stripey again. same same but different. 😆

Love the material of this piece. Quality is 👍🏻

How it looks like on the site. 😊

Here's the link! 👇🏻


Ok.. No more off shoulder but still a blue piece 😂

Was awed by the quality of this piece with a price tag of S$8+ excluding shipping.

Good deal definitely! 👍🏻

Close up on the intricate lace.

Looks more crop on the model. 😁

Luckily mine was long enough to cover my belly button. 😂

Here's the link for those interested!😉


Dinner with my family!

New Song Fa outlet at Centrepoint.

I'm the odd one who had opted for their mee sua instead of white rice.

Try it, it's really good! 😋👍🏻

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