Day 4 in Hokkaido // Back in Sapporo

It's been raining since yesterday. Drizzling wasn't as bad.. It's been raining pretty heavily the whole night.

Please stop soon. πŸ™πŸ» I rather it be scorching hot now. πŸ˜†

Gonna check out and leave Noboribetsu (η™»εˆ«) after our breakfast and head back to Sapporo.

No more changing of hotel yay! And no more buffet πŸ˜†

Today's #travelootd

The bear will actually waved at you to signal you for biscuits.

Smart bunch!! 🐻

@ruthneedsmoney check out the bear in action.

He's such a lazy bum, he will just seat on the slide and wave. If we miss cue he wouldn't even bother to go and pick the cookies. πŸ˜†

Quick stop at Lake Toya since it's still drizzling.

#charmmylovestotravel #charmmyinhokkaido

Snacking away in our car..

Check out the mini chips, so cute!!

Quick stop for lunch before heading to the chocolate factory..

Having ramen for lunch!

The ramen place!

My corn ramen, not very nice though..

My MIL's spicy ramen looks more interesting..

There's a Daiso just next to the restaurant..

Love these laundry bags!😍😍

It's like a war zone here. πŸ˜…

Not sure if this is nice. Anyone tried before?

It has ice cream version too!

So cute!!

Matcha and caramel parfait!! πŸ˜‹

The ice cream tasted better! Tried a little bit when the BIL bought. πŸ˜‹πŸ‘πŸ»

Looking for my Stan Smith but no luck. 😩

My SIL was so lucky to get a pair. #envy

Superstar going on special promo, @surerain but don't have your size.

Yakitori for dinner!

Onion rings tower which is really yum! πŸ˜‹πŸ‘πŸ»

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