Day 6 in Hokkaido // Sapporo Factory // Continue with my Stan Smith hunt

Today is F&E day, half of the group decided to go factory outlet shopping.

So only left three of us, me, the hubs and my SIL, we decided to just hang around the city.

I practically googled the Adidas Originals in Sapporo as I'm still on my Stan Smith hunt mission.

Guess I'm probably the one who shopped the least this trip. Probably my hubs is around, everything he also said no need. πŸ˜†

Guess things would have been different if I come with my sis or my shopping kakis. πŸ˜†

Sapporo Factory…

#charmmylovestotravel #charmmyinhokkaido

Love the high ceiling!!

I want all of these but the hubs said we don't need them 😭


This place used to be a beer factory.

Omg!! They actually have the Hello Kitty version!!😍😍 @whitechoco

Finally a Stan Smith in my size.

But why is it not in white.. I don't like the dirty shade leh

It's another rainy day.. πŸ˜”

Very unique pair of Superstar, love the grey stripes! 😍😍

Whole stretch of underground shopping street..

But it's not impressive at all. The bus terminal in Gangnam is so much better.

Today's #travelootd

It's cute seeing a giant can of Sapporo beer going up and down πŸ˜†

This is probably the first pair of NMD I've seen irl.

Limited edition HK!! She's wearing Edwin jeans 😍😍

The Japanese sure know how to tackle suckers like me πŸ˜†

Rare seeing the hubs with his smile, he snapped this while I was still preparing to wear my shades..

Then when I was ready, walau, what's with that face. πŸ˜’

Ok ok, finally a proper one πŸ˜‰

Check out the colourful Kit Kat tower!!

Reunited with the rest for our last dinner in Hokkaido.

Missing the other two who obviously still not done with their shopping even though they have already spent their money at the factory outlet today. πŸ˜…