Last day in Hokkaido

Yay finally got my first pair of Stan Smith.

I'm contented even though it's not the Velcro model. 😁 Thanks hubs!

#charmmylovestotravel #charmmyinhokkaido

@surerain @shopaholicdeb 😍😍

Late lunch with the hubs.

A couple of hours of last minute shopping before we head to the airport.

The hubs and his favourite pork..

I wanted a dessert, but this came. Looks like Japanese soy milk wor..

The dark sauce is some sweetener.. Like gula melaka πŸ˜†

Tasted like θ±†θŠ±ζ°΄εŠ ι»‘η³–..

I actually ordered this πŸ€”

Comfy #travelootd today since we'll be catching a flight later..

Love looking at their household stuff..

Their stationery looks awesome too.

And this bib!! Everything's an eye-candy here lor 😍😍

Luckily I'm already over the phase of cute t-shirts πŸ˜†

All the snoopy stuff!! 😍😍

Car accessories..

They even have a Snoopy museum in Tokyo! 😍😍

The sun is finally out on the day we are leaving Hokkaido πŸ€”

And cos it's a dry day, weather is getting a bit warm.

Will still kinda sweat under 28Β° if there's no wind at all. πŸ˜…

Special edition New Chitose Airport Pikachu.

There's a Pokemon store here!

See.. So cute, got the captain and stewardess version! 😍😍

Now I'm stucked with all these, cannot go shop around.

Damn angry.

Had originally planned to buy these at the airport (since these goodies are controlled price in Japan, prices are generally the same no matter where you get it) then put into boxes and then checked in with our luggages.

However, the moment we reached the airport, everybody like so kancheong, straightaway went to check in when we haven't even found the shop.

So kancheong for what, still 2hrs + to our flight to Tokyo. 😀

Just realized that I may have left my iPhone cable in my hotel room. 😭😭


Boarding soon!! ✈️✈️

Off to Tokyo Haneda..

Think we are on a cute plane 😁

Arrived at Tokyo Haneda Airport! First time at this airport! ✈️

Taking a bus to the international terminal.

Not bad this airport, got lots of big brands..

But not enough time to shop πŸ˜…

Gotta feed our stomach first, super hungry πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

Really a quick bite. Taste wise, not bad at all.. Or maybe we were too hungry πŸ˜†

Sakura shrimp ramen for me! πŸ˜‹πŸ‘πŸ»

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