Happy Sunday everyone!!

Half of my Sunday was already gone when I woke up. 太阳晒到屁股才起床😆

One of the rare day that I slept till so late. No choice, cos I went on a midnight expedition last night. 😆

Waiting for my late lunch.

Seafood char kway teow 😋👍🏻

Here's my lunch! Cheap! $3.50 only! Paid additional $1 for extra seehum 😋👍🏻


Surprise catch at my MIL house. 😊

Now my MIL also talk Pokemon Go to me. 😅

She was complaining to me why her Arbok only has CP115. 😆

My first Pikachu catch

My home and my office place is a very sad place, no pokestop and no interesting Pokemons.

Then this sighting appeared during lunch time on last Friday.

I tell you, everyone in my office got really excited when we saw this. Tried to walk around in my office but sadly it didn't appear.

Then one of my colleague suddenly said I'm going out to search.

I thought she was just walking around to other dept. Next when I looked out of the window, I saw her walking out towards another building. 😅

I was quite stunned to see her action. 😂

Next, I received a text from her. "Quick come!" "Caught Pikachu".

I quickly dashed out with two other colleagues, we saw a few gals from other dept walking back to other office direction looking really happy.

Cut the story short. The three of us missed the boat just within a span of couple of minutes. 😔

I was the most disappointed one cos I still don't have a Pikachu in my Pokedex.

Quick dinner with my sis before our movie date on Friday night.

Wanted to visit our friend's vegetarian restaurant but have to change plan last minute as I was stucked in office as usual. Could only settle for a quick dinner.

This ramen was surprisingly good.

The Ebi sushi looks pretty meh but the taste was really alright. Don't mind coming back here again.

We were quite distracted during the whole movie.

Firstly our seats position were in a quite strategic location, with two pokestops.

So throughout the whole movie, we will try to stock up on our pokeballs.

And this appeared when the movie was about to wrap out. We weren't paying attention to the movie at all throughout the ending part. Cos my sis and I were so kancheong seeing the time clicking away.

The two of us dashed towards the exit once it started to show the rolling credit. 😂

We were at Bugis+ and we had to dash across the connecting bridge. I slipped twice during the running, luckily never fell. If not really 丢脸死了🙈😆

Finally it appeared during the last minute. 😅

The feeling was really surreal.

It was such a difficult catch, was so worried that it will disappear in that annoying smoke.

My sis caught me on her snapchat. 😆

See I kinda risk my life to catch it cos it so appeared while I was walking down the escalator. 😅

So last night I went one an expedition with the hubs and sis.

Check out the situation at Changi V.

The moment we turned into the road, so many Pokemons just popped out.

No wonder this is a must visit place for all the #Pokemongo fans.

The sightings were never empty. Damn shiok!

And then my second Pikachu appeared. 😍😍

This time round we were more calm. Still got time to take a pic with it. 😆

This was taken with my sis's Pikachu. Mine's CP was higher.

Pardon my really chui look. 🙈

Caught 5 Ponyta hahaha

Dinner with my fam!

Haven't really digest my lunch yet. Oh well, my hubs is hungry already 😆