Feeling insecure // Sauté

Day 4 and final day of our course.

Let's go! 💪🏻

Feeling rather insecure as of all things, I actually forgot to bring my powerbank. And I'm now left with only 67%.

How? How to survive the whole day? 😭

Yay!! Caught my 3rd Venusaur while waiting for my lunch. 😁

Dinner with the sis!

Decided to check out our friend's cafe.

They certainly doesn't look like vegetarian food.

Sauté – Earth's food, tastes good

Their daily specials..

Their menu is pretty interesting!

They have dishes like curry rendang pizza and golden salted yolk pizza.

Heard their baked curry rendang rice is pretty good.

Come show your support if you wanna a different type of vegetarian food.

#02-08 Bugis Cube