Seoul Bound – Day 2 🇰🇷 // Pokémon in Seoul // GD x 8 secs

Brunch venue – realized that our hotel room was totally enclosed. We practically slept in complete darkness.

That explained why we had brunch instead of breakfast 😆

#charmmylovestotravel #charmmyinseoul

Not too heavy..

I simply adore bagels 😋

The cheesy toast is not bad too. 👍🏻

Pretty spacious space..


Surprisingly though Pokémon Go is still not available here, there's still lots of Pokémon collaborations.

Slowbro is called Yado here..

Purin aka Jigglypuff 😁

How about mini BB cushion? The pokeball cushion is 😍😍

Lip tint, almost mistaken these as nail polish..

Nails series..

How about some Pokémon donuts?

The mini original glazed one is such a cutie too! 😍😍

Faster take photo with you before I eat you 😆

来, 我们也来拍一张! 😆 @chloeyingen

You looked so weird without your ears 🙈🙈

It's pretty nice, with banana filling 😋👍🏻

8° x GD collection