Sweet treat from the hubs // Halloween special Pokémon Go

Sweet delivery from the hubs.

He made the delivery to my desk while I was lunching in with my colleagues. And they all clapped for him. So malu 😆

Halloween special Pokémon Go

These ghostly characters are perpetually in my sightings, not because they are nested in my vicinity now.

Simply because of the Halloween specials that has been launched today till 1 Nov.

At least some excitement and motivation to play the game again. 😆


Have lost count of the Drowzee I've caught today. 😆👍🏻

Lusting over this now, so pretty 😍😍

Pic credit: Chriselle Lim

Lunch situation today. A colleague packed salad for us.

Very 有心, each individually packed into a Tupperware.

It kinda overflow after we tossed in the lettuce and dressing.

So we had to spill some over to the lid. 😆

Part 2 of the sweet treat from the hubs.

So much sugar within a day. 😓#fatdieme

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