JB Bound!

Road trip to JB! Happy Sunday everyone! 😉

📍Woodlands checkpoint!

Finally in JB after a bit of jam at JB checkpoint.

First meal in JB!

First meal in JB at this very old school place. It's 70 years old.

Very nostalgic place..

They are famous for their hainanese chicken chop.

They have quite a wide variety of food.

The eggs are perfectly done!

My fren ordered Kway Teow Soup and it came in this form 😆

Things I love other than SHOP. 😆

#ootd to the qualifying round today.

This cafe looks pretty interesting!

@chiamhuiy came here not too long ago.

Seems like a nice place. Would love to explore it one day. 😊

Woah first time I see a bowling centre with sofas.

They even have a indoor playground to house the kids. RM5 per entry.

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