TCL // Staycation // The Book Cafe // Garfield Run // Midnight House Korean Charcoal BBQ

Last night at soft launch of #TCL popup @ 313 with @surerain

Saw @briannawonggg @bertillawong and they both waved to me 😳 They must've mistaken me as my sis @charmmy3030 ? First time I see them IRL so I was very shy and only smiled back. Too shy to talk & take pics with them (what my sis will def do if she was there).

After we left, I started to worry what if Bree is thinking why this Vivian so "dao" one? How ah? πŸ˜“

Goodies bag! The other side says "SHOPPING IS MY CARDIO" 😍

Today's deets.. off for a staycation.

Looking forward to the Garfield Run later.

Who's going for the run later? πŸ™‹πŸ»

Chiong to 313 this morning after seeing these two items from @briannawonggg IG stories last night πŸ˜…

Didn't get the marble print culottes as the material is thin & sheer. Would have gotten it if it's not sheer or comes in black.


Didn't managed to get the kinfolk top previously. Glad they're restocked and in new colours (cobalt & berry) too! 😍

Black for me. Tried all the colours to show sis and she chose navy & olive. @charmmy3030

Bagged these two dresses home too 😬

The blush shift dress is upcoming I think? It's fuss free, comes with pockets and I like the thick material. Perfect for work.

Think the seafoam embroidered dress is oos online already so must buy! But dunno when to wear πŸ˜…

Praying for good weather later.

The weather has been so wet of late.

The hubs, on the contrary is praying for the opposite. Faint πŸ™„

We only go for fun runs like this and go there walk πŸ˜†

Checking in to our hotel..

Our loft for the weekend!

Abit disappointed as I was expecting the bed to be at the top loft.

Open concept with open wardrobe..

Late lunch at The Book Cafe..

All-day breakfast πŸ˜‹

Correction : Sis actually chose cobalt (instead of navy) & olive for the kinfolk top. Blur meπŸ™ƒ

Quickly went to 313 to grab cobalt for sis. And I shun bian get berry too πŸ€—

Got another goodies bag but without cotton flower

Grilled chicken burger for the hubs.

My caramel latte is πŸ‘πŸ»

Omelette set for me… it comes with a mini rosti, so cute.

Mushrooms and cheese fillings..

#mirrorootd before I change into my Garfield run outfit πŸ˜‰

Our run attire πŸƒπŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Changed and off to pick sis & BIL

Mum's 1st fun run πŸ€—

The hubs insisted on wearing his shades cos he felt too embarrassed wearing this Tshirt πŸ˜†


Still waiting for flag-off

Warming up

Like shampoo ad πŸ˜† @charmmy3030

Counting down

Odie flagging off. Why no Garfield?😀

Sitting down cos it was still half an hour away from the flag off time.

Glad they brought forward the flag off time in the end.

Odie made an appearance, where's Garfield? 😩

Someone's very creative to add on an additional Garfield tail πŸ‘πŸ»

Thank goodness it didn't rain after all. πŸ˜‰

Finishing medal and plush. Garfield is wearing a brief πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Yay finished!


Our dinner venue!

Went back to the hotel to shower before heading out for dinner.

A bit regretted washing my hair for the second time today.

Sure need a third one after this BBQ meal πŸ˜†

SJK Oppa! 😍

The authentic Korean way.. the restaurant is owned by a Korean..

According to my hubs, charcoal BBQ is definitely better πŸ‘πŸ»

The side dishes are awesome! We have requested for refill for at least 5-6 times πŸ˜† εƒε€Ÿζœ¬γ€‚

So nice to have someone to assist in bbq-ing the food.

Always wonder why they need to BBQ a slice of onion..

Anyone knows why?

Enjoying her fav Korean BBQ

The seafood pajeon is really not bad. πŸ˜‹πŸ‘πŸ»

Hitmonlee and dragonite both broke free from me within the night.

δΈΊδ»€δΉˆθΏ™ζ ·ε―Ήζˆ‘? 😭😭

Today seems to be my lucky day!
2 new additions to my pokedex: Hitmonlee & Dragonite (both caught at River Valley)
Thanks to sis, she helped me caught both as I was driving. But hers both broke freeπŸ˜“

And I managed to catch my 2nd Snorlax at Orchard on the way home.

Enjoying the night breeze while strolling along Singapore River.

Late night drink.. gonna snooze soon.

Goodnight everyone! 😘

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