Today's outfit. #ootd #theclosetlover #tclootd


#notmylash πŸ˜†

Giving this a try cos I have soft spot for salted egg. Hope it's good!

Post dinner hunt with the sis.

Yay, my third Chansey! ✌🏻️😁

Caught another big fat one while on the way home. 9th to my collection. ✌🏻️

Well, since it's just nearby, might as well lah. πŸ˜†

Finally met my first Hitmonchan.

But no luck haiz 😭😭😭

My order, it's pretty yum!!

5 mains and 5 sides.. kinda over-ordered. πŸ˜‹πŸ˜†

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