Baby Lapras

What a way to start my Monday morning! ✌🏻️

Are you pointing your third finger at me? πŸ˜†

Today's #workootd

Looking forward to my half day work today! ✌🏻️

Quick lunch with my bowling kakis before we head to Kovan bowling pro shop.

The weather is such a killer today.

It's a whopping 36.5Β°. πŸ˜“

Time to have something chill to cool ourselves down.

Rojak to share before we start our warm up.

Dashed to find lapras while we were eating our rojak halfway.

Mine took a long while before it appeared in my sighting.

My first Lapras encounter in the wild. My first was hatched. πŸ˜†

It was a baby Lapras though. Still happy ✌🏻️

Queue was super long as usual.. we gave up in the end, didn't want to be late for our tournament.

Bought it from another stall where there was no queue at all. Surprisingly, it's also not bad leh.

Conclusion : Long queue doesn't mean it's the best πŸ˜†