Penang Bound – Day 3 // Black Kettle // Lulu The Movie // Sawara Claypot Fish Head Steamboat

Brunch time!

They have such a big bakery!

As recommended by my cousin.

Very rare to see such a big cafe..

Bread lovers will definitely love this place.

@kiminpink babe maybe you wanna consider coming here. Spacious space for baby Chloe to walk around.

The brunch menu..

My niece's cold brew..



My Bro's burger 😉

My Mr Benedict. It's so yum!

There's even crabmeat in the pastry. The filling for the other pastry is salmon though.

Chloe's aglio olio – tot it's just tasted so so, but to the meatlovers, it's 👍🏻

@shopaholicdeb'S Skagenrora sandwiches.. not bad too!👍🏻

Joyce's big breakfast, something original, nothing too fantastic. 😁

A very colorful wall mural spotted outside the cafe..

Love this red top.. too bad they have run out of S size..

Bought the navy in the end..

Spent the afternoon watching Lulu The Movie.

Had a good laugh. L-ace, M-ouse.. 😂😂😂

Popcorn set for the upcoming Star Wars movie – Rouge One

Today's outfit #ootd #tclootd

Fish head hotpot for dinner!

Think they only have one soup base.. trust me, it's good enough! 👍🏻😉

The soup base is awesome!😋

Deep fried sotong balls were so good that we have ordered around 5-6 portions 😂

The prawns were pretty fresh too..

We ordered the set menu and some add-ons..

Pretty reasonably priced..

The twinnies joined us for dinner too..

Here's the addy!

Their self-made chilli sauce is 👍🏻, even better than Coca.