More baby luck // Recap of my 2016

Baby Pokémons is celebrating NYE and welcoming 2017! So adorable lor. No baby luck so far. ☹️

I'm hoping to have some baby luck this new year! 🙏🏻

Thanks all for your wishes!! Yay finally my first baby Pokémon. So happy!

Do hope your wishes will spread to the real world too hee 😁😊

Time to recap on my 2016.. 让我想一想😆


Catching up with friends & family

Was still in my sabbatical leave so I could spend lots of time with my friends and family.

Here's celebrating @tiggerte birthday. Wouldn't have the chance to do that on a weekday if I was working.

Managed to have quite a number of cafehopping with @surerain during my ten months hiatus from work.

Really thankful for that.

#thankyou2016 @nite_stars I'm using your hashtag! 😆


First MJ game with my hubs

Spent my CNY back in Penang, enjoyed myself to the max as I don't have to worry about work.

This CNY also marks my first MJ game with my hubs after knowing him more than 8 years. 😂

Best is, I was the greatest winner and he was the greatest loser during that game. So much win. 😆

End of my sabbatical leave – 开工大吉

And then it's finally end of my long break. Time to go back to reality.

Wore a cheongsam dress for my 开工大吉 since it's still during CNY.

Annual tradition – spending CNY with the old folks

Annual tradition, I accompanied my hubs and his colleagues to spend CNY with the old folks. 出钱又出力, very kind of them.

Resuming lunch sessions with my lunch / bowling kakis

Finally resumed lunch sessions with my lunch kakis..

CNY celebration at big boss's house

CNY visit to big boss's house. Always looking forward to the dinner spread prepared by him. 是好料的😁😋

Late Feb and March were my darkest moment and I chose to stay off social media for a while.

Thankful to my hubs, family and friends for supporting me through that difficult period.


First family photoshoot

Was really glad that my hubs managed to take leave so that we could have our first family photoshoot back in Penang.

Movie time with my loved ones on the last day of 2016.

Thanks @shopaholicdeb for the movie treat!

How are you spending your NYE?🎉🎊

Be right back on my 2016 recap after this.

Simple NYE dinner with my fam before the movie.

It's so good that finally now Pepper Lunch allows add on.

Still remember N years back when Pepper Lunch just opened their restaurants in Sg, have requested to add an extra egg (they allow to add on egg to their beef set but not their salmon set), they actually rejected my request as it's against their company policy.

I even told my mum why not next time we bring our own eggs. 😂

Catching The Great Wall.

I actually didn't know that Andy Lau starred in it till I saw the movie poster. 😆

Family wefie in front of The Great Wall giant poster. That's Andy Lau's arm btw. 😆