I’m on our Staff Portal! ☺️

Finally leaving office…

Can only catch a few hours of sleep before it's another long day ahead.

钱真难赚 😅

Good morning!! It's a brand new day!

So sleepy though 😂

Feeling surreal seeing my face on our staff portal. Service champions of the month ☺️

There was also an email blast sent to the whole bank. I've received quite a number of congratulatory notes from fellow colleagues from various department after the email was sent.

Feeling damn paiseh for the limelight. 😅

She never fails to exceed my expectation with her attitude of servicing internal customers. Time and time again, she responded promptly when backing up her colleague. She is responsive, dependable and efficient! She is definitely an asset to the bank as she makes the bank a better place to be in.

Feels really good to be appreciated. Well, like finally.

Many a times, people tend to take you for granted.

Especially when you are in HR, the service you render to internal staff, it's part and parcel of your job so it's really hard to receive a compliment.

Anyway, thanks to those who appreciated my effort. 我会加油的! 💪🏻