Happy V Day! 🌹

Happy V Day everyone! 💝

Where I spent my morning at..

Was at a career fair earlier, think I've found my dream job. 😁

Special delivery! 🌹

The delivery uncle was holding two bouquets then. He asked if I know the recipient of the other bouquet as she did not answer her phone.

Actually I don't know who but seeing him so 可怜 I offered to help lah.

So many eyes were eyeing me when I went to deliver the flowers while holding mine too. 😅

Thanks for the surprise!

You can see that I was gleaming with joy cos #luckynotvegetables 🤣🤣🤣

V Day dinner date with the hubs!

My hubs wasn't into fancy meals so I was rather surprised when he brought me here.

Such a pretty ambience. 😍

I'm already liking the place… I didn't know of its existence.

Quite impressed with my hubs for his choice of venue. 👍🏻

Macarons and rose on each table..


1st course – Pan Seared Sesame Tuna

2nd course – Potato Gnocchi

This is pretty nice, threads of lobster with bisque sauce.

Third course for his..

And fish for her..


A piece of cheese cake to conclude the dinner..

Thanks for arranging my second V Day dinner at somewhere fancy.

Felt kinda surreal cos my past V Days dinners were spent with homecooked, at seafood restaurants or night safari 😁 no complaints though.