Finally…Pokémon Go Gen 2 is out! 😁

Gen 2 is finally out, neck very long already haha.. 😂

It's been a while since I've seen shadow, can't wait to have my first catch of Gen 2!

My first Gen 2 is a spider!

Wearing my worn to death jumpsuit. 😁 #friyayootd

Happy Friday everyone!

Finally trying out my new lippie.

Holy Rose

The rose gold packaging is really on point. 😍

Love the shade!

Quite a fruitful day.

24 new Gen 2 Pokémon to my Pokedex. 😆👍🏻

Gen 2 Pokémon generally looks cuter than Gen 1. 🤔

Sudowoodo is damn adorable!

#pokemongo #pokemongogen2

At SIM career fair today. First career fair of the year.

It's damn tiring, standing throughout six hours is really no joke. 不认老都不行haha 😆

Really salute to those who works in the retail line who can stand for the whole day.

Look at the amount of people. 😱

Just happened that my 1-for-1 is expiring today. Just nice 😁

Pokémon craze is back!!

Situation at Yishun Park.

My hubs and I just walked and walked after dinner and we ended up at KTPH.

My lippie colour!

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