Malacca Bound 🚌 – Day 1

Good morning weekend!

Off to a roadtrip to Malacca! πŸ€—

#dayretravel #charmmyinmalacca

Nice and clear weather today!😎

#ootd #thestagewalk

出发了! 🚌

Still can smile while we are stucked at the causeway.. πŸ˜†

Houndoom is just around the corner.. yet we can only see.. haiz πŸ˜…

First stop – brunch!

The patrons here are mostly Singaporeans πŸ˜†

Think they are known for their yong tau foo and fishcake..

Dried spinach noodles..

Finally landed our feet in the city of Malacca!

Here for a quick break before we check in to our hotel.

Heard they are famous for their crepe cakes.

Here's the addy!

I've ordered "Malacca" cos I like gula melaka πŸ˜‹

Here's the "Malacca" which happened to be the nicest among all that we have ordered.

Other crepe cakes are not as nice. Lady M is better πŸ˜†

Their Hawaiian pizza tasted like vegetarian pizza πŸ˜†

Finally checked in to our room.

Our hotel is located at a very strategic location. Surrounded by all the malls haha..

But don't think we have much time to shop lah..

More a chill and eat kinda trip this round πŸ˜†

My travel companion πŸ˜‰πŸ‘πŸ»

Dinner at Makko!

It's my second visit here. Reservations are strongly recommended.

Not much changes since my last visit here, about 4-5 years back.

They served us three big plates of crackers πŸ˜†

Favourite kacang botoi – aka wing beans πŸ˜‹

Their cincalok egg is πŸ‘πŸ»! Even my hubs who seldom said anything is good agreed!

Rendang beef which seems not bad too, accordingly to the BIL..

A portion of all our dishes.. 10 items for 9 of us, not too much lah hor πŸ˜†

Pineapple prawns which the staff strongly recommended, so so only leh..

Lor bah aka ngor hiang..

Yellow ginger squids which I'm the only one who can appreciate πŸ˜†

Buah keluar chicken..

The otar-otar was not too bad..

As usual the hubs likes to order his whole fish. I would have ordered Assam pedals fish if I'm the one ordering..

Went walk walk around Jonker's street after dinner..

Malacca are known for their very elaborated trishaws.. used to be just flowers all over a few years back.

Now led lights and cartoon characters have taken over.. damn competitive they all πŸ˜‚

@chloeyingen you will sure like this place.

Goodies shopping at 三叔公..

The local delicacies are pretty similar to the ones in Penang..

Since I'm here, just bought a few for my colleagues..

Spotted something familiar.. can you remember who carry this in DOTS?

Ghee Hiang also made a spot in Malacca now..