Penang Bound – Day 2 // Loaf U 🍞

Brekkie time!

It's situated at a quaint corner..

I'm loving the vibes here..

It's operated by a bunch of young people..

Milo Dinosaur..

We chose to sit at the outside as it's damn hot inside.. πŸ˜…

Here's our brekkie!


They have the savory sandwiches..

As well as the sweet ones..

So yum! πŸ˜‹


Cute bag from KS..

Shopping time with the sis after breakfast.

Faux two pieces top, it's only RM39 😱

Lace jumpsuit with peekaboo details at the back..

πŸ“Song River for lunch!

Love their e-fu noodles..

Their best – bittergourd egg, the only bittergourd that I eat 😁


Our comfort food πŸ˜‹

We would very much prefer pomfret but they have ran out of it. This fish wasn't too. Ad too, just too meaty imo 😁

Very different from Sg BKT, not as pepperish..

Finally found a pair of mules which fits me.. saw it yesterday but didn't have chance to try it..

Went back to check on it again after spotting my SIL donning the pair.. so nice leh.

Luckily the SA managed to find our sizes, reserved it at another outlet. Have to drop by tomorrow πŸ˜… @daphne1628

Happy 9th Pak Tor Anniversary

It's our Pak Tor anniversary today. Every year without fail, we will go back to Mac at GWC to celebrate this day. Have to give it a miss this year since we are back.

Just happened that my niece's classmate confessed his love for her today. So we were discussing about it over lunch.

Then my hubs then commented his guy is smart, know how to choose this day to confess, so that it won't be so malu if my niece rejects him.

So now I finally know why we started to pak tor on April Fool's Day. πŸ˜‚

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