Took a different route to work today to avoid the heavy traffic per hubs' advice.

Turns out the traffic is heavy everywhere during peak hours lor 😂

At Penang airport the other day. Grandma sending us off.

Kinda envy those who gets to meet their granny often. 😭

Homecooked food for lunch today. 😉

爱心lunch prepared by Mum. 😘



If there's any leftover water in the kettle from the previous day, don’t use it the next day!

Please, ensure you wash your kettle before using it in the morning.

A family of 6 was found dead and a research was made that a deadly spider🕷 was found inside the kettle that they drank tea from. This is serious, life shouldn't be taken by something so small.

Due to the rain and hot climate the Violin Spider🕷 is moving into houses.

*Disclaimer: Not sure if it's true. Better be safe than be sorry.