So happy to see the bright sun as my eyes are wide opened this morning.

Thankful for the good sleep last night. 🙏🏻

I used to be such a good sleeper in the past. 一觉到天亮kind.

The past weeks have been horrible, without fail I will wake up at 3am. Took a while to struggle back to sleep and finally fell back to sleep when I was about to wake up and prepare for work.

Sometimes I will wake up in cold sweat. 😣

Mum made us ❤️ "Isaac Toast" for breakfast today. So yum!

Look at those melted cheese!!😋

What a way to start my long weekend!

Have an awesome long weekend everyone! 😎

Current situation – waiting for the my tyres to be fixed.

Estimated waiting time – 1 hr ⏳

Baby McKayla Full Month Baby Shower

At Baby McKayla's full month baby shower.

Mummy Felicia is already so slim in slightly over a month. 😱

With the blushing mummy!

With Baby McKayla who's been sleeping since morning.

It's Penang food buffet spread so it's my fave food! 😋