Lunch date at Hoagies Buddies // No more Gong Cha

It's been a while since I last took a #carselfie.

Rarely got chance when you are always the one behind the wheels.

Are you sure it's only 32°! It's freaking hot 😰

Lunch date with the hubs! Haven't ate out for a while ever since my boss implemented lunch duty for us 😳

The hubs lunch set, grilled and fried chicken 😳

While I opted for Mac and Cheese 😋👍🏻

Their tip box.. so true.

MIL's homecooked rice dumpling for dinner.

My mum has this from breakfast, lunch to dinner 😁

Huh? No more Gong Cha, that's quite sad.

From 5 June onwards, all Gong Cha will be replaced by local brand "LiHo". Which is supposed to be pronounced as "how are you" in Hokkien. #nolike

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