Eh.. is there some special event happening?

Why is Pika donning a baseball cap? #pokemongo

Toilet selfie with the sis this morning I'm in town for interviews.

Finally done with my back to back interviews. Something to curb my hunger while waiting for the sis for lunch.

Been craving for this choc crackers for very long. Have been searching for it in Seoul but no luck.

Seems that it's only sold at those Korean goodies shop brought by your tour guides.

Yum! 😋👍🏻

Settled lunch at DSTLLRY. First visit to this RP outlet.

@tiggerte's barachirashi 😋

Wanted to try their Oden Soba but they said not available.

Why put it up on the signage then? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Ordered their salmon belly aburi don instead.

Love it, it's done perfectly with just the right seasoning. 😋👍🏻

They should really improve on their food presentation though.

Given that the price is not really cheap, the salmon belly aburi don is selling at $22 each, they should have at least serve in a proper bowl and cutleries instead of using disposable bowls, chopsticks and spoons. It's not even an express chain or something.

It's the whole experience that counts. 🤔

Helped a colleague to get this happy plant.

顺便bought one for myself hee.. That happy face is just too cute to resist. 😍😍

Redeemed my third mug and happy to finally get this Brown one. Woohoo!

This is what my colleague was hoping for, then she will swap her Hello Kitty with me. 😂