Woke up at 3.30am with the head pounding real hard 😫

All I want is sleep, not asking for a good quality sleep, just let me sleep through till my alarm clock tick. πŸ™πŸ»

Now all I could think of is all work related stuff with my eyes awake. Wonder how I can sleep back now. πŸ˜”

What!!! What a start to the week! πŸ˜“

Thank goodness it's gonna be a short week.

Still stucked πŸ˜”

My #deliveroo lunch today.

Super ex lor.. didn't expect it to be $20 πŸ˜…

SIL just tagged us on #fbmemories.

Pic taken 6 years ago at Mum's 60th birthday celebration. @shopaholicdeb @surerain

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