Feast at my MIL, as usual, she cooked damn a lot..

She actually cooked three types of fish cos she said fish is good for me.

但也太多了吧! tot moderation is key. 😓

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I seldom lose my temper but someone really triggered me big time today.

Was pondering what to have for dinner.. was still very full from the super heavy lunch..

Then suddenly thought of Golden Pillow 933.. called and told Mum about the plan and she seems pretty excited. But then she added, "will they really deliver the food?"

We had a very unpleasant experience with them N years back.. think we ordered it for some party or something.. it's that long ago so I can't really rmbr liow.

Told mum that they are still around after so many years, guess they must improved over these years.

Called them and placed my order for one curry chicken and one curry fish golden pillow. It was only around 6.30pm then..Was told that the food will be delivered by 7.30pm.

Within minutes, the Golden Pillow guy called to inform that they have ran out of the curry fish golden pillow. So I changed to curry prawns instead which doesn't come with the golden pillow.

So hubs and I popped by at the bakery to get a loaf of baguette in case we didn't have enough bread to share.

Half and hour later, received another call from 933 Golden Pillow, it's a female staff this time round. She told me they have ran out of the curry fish golden pillow. I was already quite pissed at this point. What's the problem with this eatery? I reiterated to her that I've already changed to curry prawns.

Guess what.. 5 mins later, the same female staff called to say that the golden pillow will only be ready at 8pm hence I'll only receive my bread between 8plus to 9pm.

What!! I placed my order at 6.30pm and now you are telling me that my golden pillow will only be ready after more than 2 hrs. I told her to cancel my order as this is simply ridiculous. 😡😤

2 mins later, the same female staff called to ask, "have I called you to inform that your order will be deferred to 9pm?"

That was the last straw. I gave her a piece of my mind. Think they seriously have some problem with their internal process or something.

Walking with a loaf of baguette in our hands, we were thinking hard where to find curry chicken. 😂

In the end, we went to dabao chilli crab to go with our baguette. 😋👍🏻