Penang Bound ✈️ – Day 2

Brekkie place. Breakfast date with cousins.


A very nostalgic place..

Really back to the memory lane..

Anyone can recall these 555 notebooks?

Jukebox that is really working..

The way that leads to the memory lane museum..

All the oldies goodies which are for sale as well..

Sarsi lollipop.. doctor used to give this to kids when you visit the doctor N years back..

Soft boiled eggs and coffee served in a traditional way..

7 mins and your eggs should be perfect..


Spotted this too 😂

My fave corner..

Their food are pretty legit too..

The sambal is 👍🏻

Even Mum can’t stop praising their CKT!

Lor Bak 😋

Penang laksa with fried spring roll, dip the spring roll into the laksa gravy. That’s the traditional way of eating it.

The laksa is damn good too!👍🏻😋

Kueh Pie Tee which Mum commended it too..

I thought these mushrooms buns are really mushroom buns, turns out the filling is custard 😂

My Hokkien Char was probably the worst one 😂 didn’t make it to the mark.

@daphne1628 looks really pretty in this Gucci frame 😍

I ❤️ it too 😍😍

Salted caramel sundae 😋👍🏻

Movie time!

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