It’s really a good feeling having to 睡到自然醒😉

Thankful to wake up when the sky is bright. Though I have lost count of the number of times I’ve woke up throughout the night. 😅

The occasional WhatsApp about work from colleagues still come in, these are quite inevitable at the beginning and I do acknowledge that. Hopefully slowly I will get a complete rest and don’t have to think about work.

Woke up to these warm 米龟 (Mi Gu) freshly from the steamer.

These are our childhood food, usually used for ceremonial purpose in Penang. They are mostly made in the shape of a tortoise hence explain its name.

Not sure if this is available in Sg. My hubs never heard of Mi Gu though. 😆

Just spread on some butter and sugar and voila. 😋👍🏻

Lunch is served! Chee Cheong Fun packed back from Penang.

Love the pungent smell of the prawn paste. My hubs can’t stand the smell though 😂

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