Sardine Murtabak for lunch! 😋

Decisions Decisions

Contemplating if I should recolour my old #balenciaga city bag to another colour..

Should I?🤔

Dinner at this mushroom hotpot place to celebrate Seb’a bday..

Nice interior..

$2 per pax for the condiments and fruits.. cheaper than HDL..

Yunnan dolls..

They have set menu with comes with unlimited drinks..

The hotpot is made of copper which helps to retain the heat..

The centre soup is to cook some special mushrooms where the soup seems to be more concentrated..

Can tell that we are instant noodles lovers 😆

Think this is wagyu beef..

Mushrooms assortment, some mushrooms are really unique..

Fried bun with rose petals as fillings which Seb recommended. Don’t quite appreciate it though😆

Love their tomato soup and it’s not as oily as HDL’s..

Salted caramel cake for the birthday uncle..

The cake is pretty nice, very moist.

We only realized that they have this aprons for us after we were done with our food 😆

Happy birthday Seb! 🎂