I’ve been out of this #pokemongo craze for the past few weeks.

Just suddenly no more urge to even on the app.

Didn’t even know that there’s an event happening now until my fren told me over dinner last night. 😂

Yellow migu which is only available during 九皇爷诞.

Korean jajangmyeon for lunch, cos I’m still very sore of not able to go to Seoul. 🤣

Witch Pika so cute! 😍

Enjoying my cafe latte ☕️.. accompanying Mum with her meeting with her banker.

It’s quite a rare sight as Irvin’s is not even sold out at this hour, 4.30pm to be exact.

Just chanced upon this IG account, super cute miniature bags.

IG: mydollhouse24

Super adorbs! 😍

Even the button of the GP is real 😍